Estate Planning & Litigation

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Estate Planning & Litigation

Helping southwest Virginia families with comprehensive estate planning and litigation

Leaving your loved ones to care for your estate without establishing a clear plan can result in unnecessary emotional strain and drain your family’s resources. The legal team at BSR Legal Group offers complete estate planning services so that your assets are distributed in the manner you choose.

Serving Southwest Virginia from offices in Smith Mountain Lake and Salem

Many questions arise during the estate planning process. Who will look after my children? What will happen to my investments? Will our family business remain with our family? The attorneys at BSR Legal Group work with you on an individual basis to help you answer the toughest questions while devising a solid estate plan that is comprehensive and easy to understand.

Estate Litigation

Whether you’re contesting a will, requesting an accounting from an estate, or serving as the executor of an estate where the will is being contested, there is no question that you will need an experienced legal team on your side from the very beginning. Our attorneys can help you restore your peace of mind.

Sometimes it is necessary for the Court to be involved in matters of estate administration. This is often the case where:

  • A will is contested due to lack of mental capacity by the testator, improper execution, undue influence/duress, etc.
  • An executor or administrator has acted improperly, wasted estate assets, or used estate assets for their own purposes.
  • There is disagreement about the meaning of a will or property rights where there was no will.

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Estate Planning and Litigation
Estate Planning and Litigation