Real Talk on Real Estate Law

BSR Legal Group offers premier Real Estate Law services for individuals, lenders, and entities alike. We provide our clients with access to experienced real estate lawyers dedicated to organizing and explaining the process to you thoroughly while giving you the guidance to make optimal decisions in your purchase. Whether you’re selling your home or looking to acquire property for a business venture BSR Legal Group has you covered. 


Our services include Adverse Possession Claims, Boundary Line and Easement Disputes, Construction Claims, Purchase and Sale Disputes, Real Estate Development, Residential and Commercial Closings, Title Claims Litigation, and Title Examinations. Below, we break down our services and what they mean so we can better serve you. 

Adverse Possession Claim: BSR Legal Group will help you gain title legally to a property otherwise owned by proving continuous use of that property and its structures for 7 (seven) or more years. 


Boundary Line and Easement Disputes: Boundary lines can include fencing, plot lines, access disputes, and adverse possessions. If you believe your property is misrepresented BSR Legal Group can aid in providing legal services to legally solidify boundary and plot disputes. 


Construction Claims: If you believe your project or work has been compromised BSR Legal Group can represent you in your claim. We will carefully analyze your contract and clarically break down your terms and conditions so you know exactly what and how we plan to defend you.


Purchase & Sale Disputes: BSR Legal Group provides arbitration services between purchasers and sellers alike. We aim to reach amicable conclusions without sacrificing your needs in the process. If you feel your purchase or sale was misrepresented we will fight for your legal right to reclamation and/or retribution. 


Real Estate Development: Building and developing allows communities to thrive and offers economic gain to its surrounding areas. BSR Legal Group advises our clients on zoning, rules, and regulations required to develop your project and offers experienced insight into the how-to‘s of building while representing your project with your best interest in mind. 


Residential & Commercial Closing: Though it sounds simple, closing on your next property can be a huge headache without the right tools. Let BSR Legal Group navigate the rollercoaster that is closing your new property on your behalf and we promise to represent you with the vigor and stamina it takes to close the deal that doesn’t leave you wanting for more. 


Title Claims Litigation: BSR Legal Group proudly represents lien holders, lenders, and insured purchasers alike. Our experience allows us to conduct a thorough investigation and clear your titles legally and effectively.


Title Examinations: Let BSR Legal Group examine your title and determine your legal needs in selling or attaining a title. We record and report all examinations and make sure your purchase sale goes smoothly from start to finish.

These and more are available at BSR Legal Group, we eagerly await your call and the opportunity to assist you in navigating the Real Estate Law world as easily and efficiently as possible.

If you have any questions or would like to book a consultation call us today at (540) 721-5110 or email us at and we’ll schedule a time to have one of our experienced lawyers walk you through our process of defending you. Don’t hesitate to call us today!