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Too often in legal circles, divorce is portrayed as a boxing match. There is too much talk about “winning” and “losing,” when in actuality, if there is any suitable boxing analogy, it’s that divorce is mostly about “stopping the bleeding.”

At the Roanoke/Smith Mountain Lake law firm of GBSR Attorneys, we discard the discourse about “winning” in divorce and focus instead on:

  • Protecting our clients’ rights
  • Minimizing loss (both financially and emotionally)
  • Preserving a strong relationship with children
  • Building the best foundation for a successful and fulfilling post-divorce life
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  • Psychologists say divorce often causes the equivalent in emotional distress as the death of a family member or a close friend. As a result, many people going through divorce wrestle with serious physical and emotional fallout — lack of appetite, exhaustion, mood swings and decreased concentration.

The attorneys at GBSR emphasize the counseling aspect of “legal counseling” with our divorce and family law clients. We know that a good divorce lawyer does far more than sort through bank statements and help determine who keeps what. We worry about the person first and the “stuff” second.

That’s not to say we won’t pursue what’s rightfully yours in terms of marital property division, or aggressively protect your rights regarding child custody or a fair parenting plan. Those are critical components of the foundation that we will help you construct for a fulfilling post-divorce life.

We view our role as helping you understand all of your options and getting the best possible results for the least emotional expense. We are highly skilled negotiators who have a strong track record of resolving divorce issues without prolonged litigation. If the other party does not provide a suitable agreement, however, we are prepared to go to trial in pursuit of what is rightfully yours.

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If you like the idea of working with an experienced divorce lawyer who will help you focus on the positives of what lies ahead rather than dwelling on the negatives of what didn’t work out, then we welcome the opportunity to discuss your situation with you.

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