Frequently Asked Questions About Individual Bankruptcy Cases

Frequently Asked Questions About Individual Bankruptcy Cases What are the different types of bankruptcy cases? For most individuals (either single filers or joint cases for a married couple), the most common type of bankruptcy case will be either a Chapter 7 case or a Chapter 13 case. Chapter 7: This is the most common type… Continue reading Frequently Asked Questions About Individual Bankruptcy Cases

Frequently Asked Questions​ About Business Bankruptcy Cases​

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Bankruptcy Cases Am I personally liable for my business debts? It depends on your business structure. If you run your business as a sole proprietorship, your business is not a separate legal entity – you and your business are considered to be the same. You are responsible for your business… Continue reading Frequently Asked Questions​ About Business Bankruptcy Cases​

Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Litigation The attorneys at GBSR, provide experienced commercial and residential real estate counsel in a wide variety of litigation. Our Roanoke real estate litigation lawyers have more than 20 years of experience resolving disputes both in and out of court. We represent individuals and businesses in a wide variety of real estate litigation,… Continue reading Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Closings FAQ

Real Estate Closings FAQ What type of real estate closings are handled by your office? Our office has handled thousands of real estate closings over the last 15 years. We have conducted closings involving all sorts of real estate … from personal residences to vacation homes, from lots on the lake to tracts of farm… Continue reading Real Estate Closings FAQ

Real Estate Closings

Real Estate Closings No matter how often a person experiences it, the purchase or sale of real estate is a significant milestone in one’s life. Sorting through the complicated contractual and procedural matters relating to real estate transactions can be a daunting task, one that is best tackled with the guidance of an experienced real… Continue reading Real Estate Closings

Homeowners Association

Homeowners Associations At the law firm of GBSR Attorneys we counsel and represent residents, homeowner associations (HOAs), townhouse developments, condominium associations and other parties in the Smith Mountain Lake area and throughout Virginia. Our experienced real estate team takes pride in resolving disputes through mediation, negotiation or arbitration. This approach can often save clients a… Continue reading Homeowners Association

Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death Roanoke Wrongful Death Attorneys Compassionate Counsel And Vigorous Representation The negligence of a car or truck driver, a product manufacturer or another party can change your life in an instant, depriving you of a spouse, child or parent. Such events are unthinkable, yet they happen far too often. At the Virginia law firm… Continue reading Wrongful Death

Surgery Error

Surgery Error Much can go wrong during a surgery that results in increased and unnecessary suffering for patients. There are a large number of reasons for such errors. If you have been the victim of such a surgical error, let GBSR Attorneys help you get the justice and compensation you need. PERSONAL INJURY & MEDICAL… Continue reading Surgery Error


Slip-and-Fall Roanoke Slip-And-Fall Accident Lawyers Property owners have a legal duty to keep their premises safe. If you were injured because a property owner knew (or should have known) about a dangerous condition and failed to take timely action to correct it, you may have the basis for a lawsuit. At the law firm of… Continue reading Slip-and-Fall

Personal Injury FAQs

Personal Injury FAQs Do I need an attorney? Proceeding without an attorney can put you at risk of losing some of your potential settlement. Before providing any statement to the other insurance company, you should consult with legal counsel to evaluate your case. Protect your right to fair compensation. What should I do if I… Continue reading Personal Injury FAQs