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Bankruptcy & Creditors’ Rights

Individual & Business Representation in Insolvency Matters

The attorneys BSR Legal Group can assist both individual and business clients in a variety of matters that arise a result of challenging economic times. Our attorneys have diverse skills and broad experience in bankruptcy cases, creditors’ rights matters, out-of-court workouts, and other matters that can develop when financial struggles create the need to seek legal counsel.

If you are an individual or family that is encountering significant financial pressures, we can help you review your options for dealing with debt. We can help evaluate whether a bankruptcy filing will provide the greatest relief, or whether other non-bankruptcy options, such as direct negotiations with your creditors, may be preferable.

We also regularly assist small businesses with insolvency issues. The BSR Legal Group have represented multiple small businesses throughout Virginia in cases filed under chapter 11 and chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code. We can also assist companies with negotiations with banks and other creditors to see if practical solutions can be achieved for debt issues outside of the bankruptcy courts.

BSR Legal Group can also assist you if you are a creditor who has been forced to deal with the bankruptcy arena because of a customer’s struggles. We regularly assist lenders and other creditors with filing proofs of claim, motions for relief from the automatic stay, objections to confirmation of bankruptcy plans, and other creditors’ rights efforts in bankruptcy cases. We also can assist if you are a creditor whose receipt of payments from a bankrupt party are being challenged as preferential transfers or fraudulent conveyances.

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Disclaimer: We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.